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U.S. & FAI Spacemodeling information
U.S. Spacemodeling - FAI Competition and World Championships

Overview of U.S. Spacemodeling at the NAR website - You should go there first! A great collection of information about U.S. and FAI Spacemodeling activities and the events.  Including the individual events, how to build, selection of US teams, World Cups, past teams, FAI rules, and so on.  

The Federation Aeronautique International (FAI) is the governing world body, covering not only Spacemodeling and Aeromodeling, but all aspects of aviation. For Model Rocketry every two years, the World Space Modeling Championships (WSMC) is held. As with the Olympics, official FAI Medals are awarded.

Assisted by the NAR, U.S. competitors compete in World Cup events, and U.S. Teams of Junior and Senior members compete in the World Championships.  This is the top level of rocketry competition!  

The 2016 WSMC in Ukraine.

A link to a very large PDF file which includes coverage of the 2016 WSMC in Sport Rocketry Magazine (it is a free sample on the NAR website).

"Getting Started in Spacemodeling" - 2016 video by James Duffy 

2016 US Spacemodeling Team at Lviv, Ukraine:
Image - 2016 Ukraine - by Chris Taylor.  A collection of photos during the 2016 WSMC in Ukraine.
[Image: IMG_1183.jpg]
Great photos and the US team is amazing
FAI Spacemodelers:

The two-year cycle for changing/updating the FAI rule book is starting soon. We need to develop any rule changes (along with the associated paperwork) by November 1. These proposals will be submitted to the FAI (via our national aerospace club) prior to the November 15 deadline.

Please let me know ASAP if you have any recommendations for rule changes.

- Chris Flanigan (FAI rules wrangler)

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