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Parachute Duration Info and Plans
Parachute Duration information & plans


Parachute Duration (PD) -  Models for this event contain a Parachute for its recovery system method.  The models must stay in one piece, not drop any parts.  A big challenge of this event is to have a model that can contain a large parachute that can deploy reliably, in order to get a good duration. Some use small diameter models that boost pretty high, while other fliers use larger models that can contain and reliably deploy a larger parachute, at a tradeoff of altitude performance. 

NAR Sporting Code Rules for Parachute Duration

Parachute Duration Overview and plans on the NAR website.

Parachute & Streamer Duration presentation by Pavel Pinkas - Good info and advice for both events

Parachute Duration Model Kits

Apogee Components 
      International Thermal Sailor  13mm for 1/2A to A power. Designed for FAI S3A, 40mm diameter body. A bit big for 1/2A but workable, especially if piston launched. With 32" thin plastic chute.  Skill level 4.  Check the 12-part video series on building this model, at the same link for the kit.
      Blue Streak  18mm model that can be adapted for 13mm engines. Comes with a streamer, you need to provide your own chute.
Aerospace Specialty Products (ASP Rocketry)
      13mm Parachute Duration Kit  - 1/4A-A 13mm model with 15" 1/4 mil mylar chute
      18mm Parachute Duration Kit -  1/2A to C sized model with 18 1/4 mil mylar chute
      "Hang Time" 1/4 mil Mylar Competition Parachutes,  and 1/4 mil Mylar canopies and 54 x 54" sheet.

      Cougar 660  18mm motor  model, which can be converted to fly on 13mm motors. Comes with Stremers for contest or sport flying, so will need to add your own chute for PD.

Estes Industries
      Wizard  - 18mm motor size kit with streamer recovery.  For lower power (1/2A to A) Parachute Duration, can  have a custom 13mm engine mont added to it, and use a parachute from another source or a homemade chute.

Plans List

ASTRE PD & SD Plans - Drawing for a basic design, 13mm version and 18mm version (note larger fin pattern), that can be used for PD or SD.  For PD, might want to make it a bit longer.

13mm Design by Trip Barber - Plan for a 13mm model  intended for Streamer Duration, which can  be used for Parachute duration (make a bit longer such as 12")

Mark Talkington PD & SD Plans - Plans for an 18mm model that can be used for Parachute and Streamer Duration

More plans TBA


Tim Van Milligan / Apogee video showing how to pack a parachute for FAI-sized 40mm models. Also generally useful for other PD models.


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