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Vendor/Supplier list
This thread  is intended primarily to list vendors/suppliers which carry kits, parts or supplies useful for contest rockets. Not every dealer. Some which specifically carry contest kits and supplies, some which happen to have contest-useful kits or supplies, and some which you may never have heard of before or considered.

Apogee Components - By Tim Van Milligan. Saturn Scale Kits, Heli-roc kit. Cast Glider hooks. Parts such as tubes, nose cones, and egg capsules. Medalist E6 and F10 engines. Dealer for other companies as well.

Aerospace Specialty Products (ASP Rocketry) - By Andy Jackson. Contest Kits for Streamer Duration, Parachute Duration & Payload. Scale kits suitable for competition. Contest and sport type Parachutes & Streamers. Supplies & parts such as Kevlar shock cord, adhesive Mylar tape, G10 fiberglass sheet, 1/4 mil mylar sheet (for parachutes), pre-cut G10 fins, tubes, nose cones, centering rings, etc.  Dealer for other companies as well.

Balsa Machining Service (BMS) - By Bill Saindon. Great source for parts for contest models, such as tubes, nose cones, transitions,  blocks, couplers, centering rings, Kevlar cord, etc. 

eRockets/Semroc/Totally Tubular - By Randy Boadway. eRockets has kits and parts, including the Semroc line and Totally Tubular parts: A large variety of Body Tubes, Nose Cones, couplers, transitions, blocks, centering rings, launch lugs, etc. Dealer for other brands such as ASP, Dr. Zooch, Quest, NCR, Aerotech parts, and more.  

FlisKits - By Jim Flis. Rose-a-Roc Helicopter kit. Parts such as tubes, nose cones, centering rings, etc.  

• North Coast Rocketry - by Matt Steele.  NCR has the North Hawk, a 24" span B-C sized R/C Boost Glider kit.

JH Aerospace (Model Airplane Design & Components) - By Joshua and Hope Finn. Rocket Glider kits (Switchblade Swing Wings) as well as F/F model airplane kits and special supplies.

• Tango Papa Decals - By Tom Prestia. Tango Papa offers a variety of decals for certain scale models, at almost any desired scale. They can also do custom decal work, whether for scale, sport, or even just your NAR number.

NARTS -  NAR Technical Services has scale data for the Aerobee 350, IQSY Tomahawk, Super Loki Dart, and Sandhawk. Also various plans and publications on contest models and R&D reports. Carries 40mm Mandrels as used for making FAI Spacemodeling Body Tubes

NAR magazine Back-issues - The NAR's magazine (Sport Rocketry now, previously named American Spacemodeling and the Model Rocketeer) has published articles and plans for contest models, and scale data. NARTS sells back-issues, and in cases of originals being out of stock, photocopies. 

NAR Magazine INDEX - by Lila Schmaker.  A huge list of  contest articles, plans, scale data, and R&D reports which have been published in the NAR's  magazine through mid 2017.

General Rocketry:

• Estes Industries - Rocket Engines. Scale kits. Parts such as tubes, nose cones, centering rings, etc.

Aerotech - Rocket Engines. Scale kits.  

Quest - Rocket Engines. Scale kits.  Parts such as nose cones, tubes, engine mounts, and plastic fin units.   

Others TBA

Special Suppliers:

• BMI RocketryBMI CAD Fin Jigs - A variety of high precision steel fin jigs.  The 3”  single fin jig is reasonably priced for it’s usefulness, and suitable for many contest rockets from 13mm to 24mm body diameters  (it comes with a 13mm engine mount post, you can add your own adapters for 18 to 24mm or buy the deluxe version).

Goodwinds Composites (formerly Goodwinds Kites) - Fiberglass/epoxy tubing useful for Tower Rails, especially for FAI type models and R/C Rocket Boosted Glider towers.  Many use the .505" tubing for rails, and the .414" tubing for slip-fit joiners (as well as reinforcing .505" tubes for very long towers).  Also a supplier for graphite/carbon tubing that many use for tailbooms/fuselages for R/C Rocket Boosted Gliders.
Where can I get the streamer material for 13 and 18mm spooler pods?

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