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Forum Rules
Contest Rockets Forum Rules                  October 8, 2017

Purpose -  The CRF forum intended as a friendly place for NAR and US Spacemodeling competitors to meet and share news, information, designs, advice, and construction methods. 

CRF forum is not aimed at Sport or High Power flying, there are other forums for that such as The Rocketry Forum and Ye Olde Rocketry Forum. However, sport fliers may find some of the information here to be useful for their models as well, such as for flying Gliders, or Scale Data.

This forum is not intended for TARC. The official TARC website is at:    However, the FAI S2P event (Precision Payload, flying an egg),  is similar to TARC.  And some of the generic methods and advice for egg capsules, padding, and recovery systems for NAR contest egglofters may be of use for TARC teams.

Behaviour - This forum is meant to be a moderated hangout for all things model rocket competition for NAR members of all ages ,  not an anything goes rough language or rant forum. Therefore, all posts should be on-topic,  respectful, and be appropriate for NAR members of all ages.  

When posting, keep in mind you are talking to a large group of people, and that your post can be read by people of all ages including children. All posts, avatars, and signatures are expected to be free of political, religious, sexual and discriminatory references. No illegal activity may be suggested. This includes posts that suggest practices which violate the Model Rocket Safety Code, the NAR Sporting Code or  suggest potentially dangerous activities. 

Furthermore, members of this forum shall not: 
● Post personal attacks   
● Post derogatory messages or accusations against a person or company.   
● Use offensive language   
● "Stir the pot"   
● Troll   
● Make any threat of violence   

Arguments - People will inevitably disagree on things. Yet it is possible to disagree and be respectful of the opposing point of view. When in doubt the best course of action is to simply agree to disagree. However, should a disagreement escalate and become too argumentative in nature, moderators will take appropriate action to restore “peace and quiet.” 

Spam - New members who immediately post spam will be presumed be spammers and may have their accounts immediately deleted. Existing members who post spam will be issued a warning and told to stop. Spam does not include reasonable recommendations and/or references to on-topic rocket vendors/dealers/sources. 

Username - New members are encouraged to use their real name for their username. If a new member chooses not to use their real name, then their first name and the first letter of their last name must be part of their username. A ‘handle’ May be included as part of a username. In other words, Bob Smith, who uses the handle of ‘AstroNut’ elsewhere on the web, can have a CRF username of “Bob S (AstroNut),” but cannot have a username of ‘AstroNut.’   Besides, when competing we use our real names (Teams can be looked up), and it makes for better interaction when we know who each other is rather than anonymous handles.
When joining CRF, users must fill in the “Real Name” field (under “Required Information”) using their full name. That field will not be public- it will only be visible to the Forum staff. And providing the CRF with your full real name is one of the best ways we have to fight spam. 
A person can only post using one user account for this forum. After joining CRF, any member creating additional user accounts can expect those accounts to be deleted. 

Basic CRF Rule Violations - Consequences stemming from violating CRF rules are ultimately the responsibility of the person breaking the rules. 
When CRF rules are violated, the moderators will take appropriate action. Warnings will be issued when warranted. 
Should a CRF member disagree with a moderator’s decision, they should discuss their grievance privately with the CRF staff. Creating a thread to complain about a disciplinary action or ranting at forum staff in an existing thread, will only exacerbate the situation. 

Extreme Violations - Though it is difficult to define all material or posts that may be considered as extreme violations of CRF rules, threats of violence, and the posting of any hate, pornographic, racial, and political images or site links will not be tolerated and will be immediately removed. In cases of extreme violations, the person responsible for making the post will not get a warning but will be temporarily suspended while the moderators decide the best course of action. 

The above rules are subject to revision as experience and other issues arise which the Forum Staff may determine to be necessary to address.

Let’s enjoy the forum!

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