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Welcome to the Contest Rockets Forum!
Welcome to the Contest Rockets Forum!

The CRF forum is intended to be a friendly place for NAR and US Spacemodeling competitors to meet and share news and information; designs and advice, and construction and finishing methods. 

Competition spans a wide range of disciplines and personal goals. The CRF has been created to help both the new and the established competitor, explore and engage in competition model rockery. Here, people will learn how to make models better suited to competition through smarter, lighter construction, and how to fly more reliably. There will be new designs and construction and launch methods to try out.  And the National Rocketry Competition (NRC) will provide an opportunity to see how much you can improve your competition flying models and your results.

This forum is meant to be highly interactive. In addition to regular discussion threads, there will be the opportunity to start or read speciality threads such as build threads, flying the NRC, and FAI Spacemodeling news. 

Of course, the CRF is also meant to be a place to ask questions and get answers from experienced NAR and FAI competitors. There are no dumb questions!

The CRF forum is not aimed at supporting sport and high power rocketry (HPR). Other forums already exist to support these interests such as The Rocketry Forum and Ye Olde Rocketry Forum. However, sport fliers may find this forum to be useful for some of their interests, such as gliders, and Scale data.

And though the CRF does not cover TARC (the official TARC website is at: ), the FAI S2P event (Precision Payload, flying an egg),  is very similar to TARC.  Therefore, some of the methods and advice surrounding eggloft competition in the NRC may be of use for TARC teams.

When joining the CRF, please read our Terms of Service. Please use your real name for your username, please don't use a "handle.” The people behind the CRF wants everyone to be able to know who is talking, and who they are talking too. There is also a security benefit to the use of real names as they help combat Spambots.

Using the Contest Rocketry Forum
Before first using the forum, please consult the section titled, “Forum Use.” It has information on how to post files and photos; hyperlinks and videos, and how to report Spam or report other posts which seem to violate the rules.  Any issues with the content, language, or “attitude” of a post; forum software problems, or difficulties with posting messages should be handled in the Forum Use section.

Finally, there is a set of Forum Rules.  Please read and follow them!  

We hope you will enjoy using the CRF and will help make it a great place to engage in competition model rocketry!

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