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S9 (Gyrocopter Duration) Introduction - TD Willard - 09-04-2017

If it spins while it descends we tend to call it a Helicopter recovery.  In FAI competition, controlled descent by autorotation is referred to as Gyrocopter Duration and it falls into category S9.  Both Juniors and Seniors fly S9A (2.5 Ns limit).  One odd rule in S9 is that the model may not eject wadding or a foam plug.  Everything that goes up, must come down together.

Take a look at the NAR website for an intro to S9.  Follow this link: S9 – Gyrocopter Duration

RE: S9 (Gyrocopter Duration) Introduction - TD Willard - 09-05-2017

Here are a couple of photos from the S9A event at the 2014 World Champs in Bulgaria.

The first photo is of Trip Barber with one of his models.  Trip took the Bronze medal in 2014!  You will notice that the rotor blades fold down and are stored internally during boost.  Rota-Roc or Rose-a-Roc type models are not used in FAI competition.  The model in the photo does not have blades that fold in chord or span.  This makes for a lighter and simpler model that can boost high and deploy reliably.

ImageIMG_2195 by T-rex in AZ, on Flickr

This photo is from the 2011 Team Selection in Ohio.  this is Katherine Humphrey with one of her excellent S9 models.  Katherine has been on several US teams as both a Junior and as a Senior.
ImageIMG_0369 copy by T-rex in AZ, on Flickr